Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Honest Review

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Review With Mi 9 Compression

The chamois mi 9 Pro 5g launched in China. let’s go through the specs and also compare it to the Xiaomi mi 9 which it is the successor to the design overall is extremely similar to the mean iron but there are some key differences. the camera setup is exactly the same both the hardware and the look is the same as the Xiaomi me 9 but I really like this new matte finish white color the power button and volume rockers are the same and the SIM card tray on the left hand side again the same as the mi 9.

It is heavier and thicker than the mean iron but actually I quite like it the mean iron is one of the lightest and thinnest phones around, this is not too much by any means you get a much bigger four thousand milliamp hour battery 40 watt fast charging 30 watt wireless charging 10 watt reverse charging. those are all upgrades on the me 9 the screen is the same size as the mi 9 and from what I can tell it is pretty much.


The same screen you keep the water drop knotch and the bezels are again very similar to the mi 9 if not exactly the same it feels a little bit more robust than the mi 9. because it is just a little bit thicker and bulkier but it is still very compact compared to other flagship phones me UI 11 has just been released by Xiaomi. although this one in the shop is still carrying me you are 10 a very very familiar experience.

If you’re a shaman user now me UI 11 will bring a host of upgrades and design changes and it will come with the mean mi 9 Pro when it’s available for sale more upgrades from the mean iron include a Snapdragon 855 plus. and it comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM although it does go up to 12 gigabytes of RAM – that is going to make for a very quick and snappy experience. now the cameras are exactly the same as the Shamy me 9 although Xiaomi have said due to software improvements you’re going to be getting slightly better results overall. but you still have the ultra wide the main 48 megapixel sensor and the 2 times zoom.

Xiaomi have essentially kept the design and the camera the same but up all the other specs more powerful and better battery life and also 5g. so, let’s just put them side-by-side I really loved this new matte finish on the back of the mi night Pro it’s similar to other chamois phones but other Xiaomi phones have a shiny finish and this matte finish looks really great. well that also does come in black too if that’s the one you want to go for I actually almost prefer the slightly bulkier heavier feeling of the mean mi 9 Pro and you can see the camera bump on the mainline pro sticks out less because the back is thicker overall they haven’t gone crazy with different design upgrades.

Really all of the upgrades in the mainline Pro come internally and it is more expensive than the mean iron starting at three thousand six hundred and ninety nine RMB. that’s about twenty percent more than you can buy a Xiaomi mi 9 for right now but we have all of those improved specs and 5g capability in the chamois mi nine pro. overall the mi 9 pro is in China, anyway one of the cheapest 5g phones out there for sure but a very familiar feel all-round with both of these phones.



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