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Mi Wireless Super Bass Headphones Review

Mi wireless headphones Review

in this article let’s do the review of these mi wireless headphones and these are the new super bass headphones that quite a few of you have asked me to check it out. so, here we have it and now i have used it for some time. so, I’ll give you my opinion what do I feel about this one but first let’s look at these headphones you get this in this fancy box and it says that it has about 20 hours of playback time and I won’t actually test it continuously for that long.

definitely the battery life is one of the big strengths of this one and it also says that it has that 40mm driver and it is bluetooth 5 and these are the headphones it says and they look actually pretty fancy from the looks of it. as you can see it looks a really really good but one thing I have noticed is that the build quality is very very plasticky and clicking and the quality of the plastic actually feels a little bit on the cheaper side.

the good thing is that it has a little bit of padding over here and again even though your cups have a good cushion and as you can see it says left and right over here, so that’s not a problem but again I felt that the plastic quality is actually on the cheaper side. so, you’ve got to be careful with this and definitely not for rough users as it can break and these are again 40mm drivers are running to Xiaomi and if you notice the right cup actually its mount right and left over here the right cup has everything on the bottom if you go we have the micro USB port that will be used for charging.

we also have headphone line out. so, you can actually use it with audio cable that is actually provided in the box so if the battery dies you can technically use it. we actually have now three different buttons the first one is for the power on and off and other two buttons are for the volume and you can also skip tracks with that one so that’s the physical overview of these headphones.

What do I feel ?

let’s now first talk about what do I feel about them and first let’s talk about the Bluetooth range and as it’s a Bluetooth 5 headset I’m happy to say that the Bluetooth range is actually really really good on this one even when I moved to the other room it did not disconnect. so, in fact in terms of Bluetooth range I was actually pretty impressed with this one compared to most of the budget oriented headphones in this range. this one has way better Bluetooth range it also has integrated microphone.

so, if you wear it you can actually take calls with this one and I did take quite a few calls with this one and I’m actually disappointed with the microphone of this one. most times the other party said that I was not sounding clear or I was sounding a little bit on the weird side equation stuff like that. so, in terms of what do you say if you are primarily you buying this for taking a lot of cellular calls then I would say it’s great.

My Ratings

I would rating it just five out of ten ,if I have to rate it based on the Bluetooth cause I feel the microphone quality is simply not that great now if we talk about the battery life as I’ve mentioned the battery life is really really good. again it will easily last for a couple of days even if you suffer heavy users Xiaomi claims about 20 hours of battery life on this one also I like the fact that you have that VAT connectivity if you really want that you can’t and do that now.

let’s talk about the sound because I feel for headphones the biggest most important thing is the Sun but before that let’s talk about the comfort also. in fact in terms of comfort if you forget about the build quality as I mentioned earlier I feel these are actually pretty comfortable on a year because of this cushioning that it has it’s actually very comfortable to wear and you can wear it for a couple of hours. yes your ear will become slightly on the warmer side but again that’s the same thing with any headphone.

so, in terms of comfort if you forget about the build quality yes they’re not sort of comfortable but now let’s talk about the most important part that is sound and as the box says these are super bass and yes definitely the bass is actually highly emphasized on this one. I would say it is over emphasized a little bit and hence the bass definitely sounds a little bit on the muddier sights the bass. in, fact creeps into the vocals also hence the vocals also get slightly muddied I feel so in terms of I would say bass I would rate at 7.5 yes you do get that depth and if you like that heavy bass you get that bass.

again the bass is not very clear and punchy so it gives that mellow feeling I would say and even the vocals get slightly drowned due to the bass and if I have to read on this one. the vocals also don’t sound that great the vocals sound a little bit subdued I would rate it about let’s say 7 out of 10 in terms of vocals.

now coming to the higher tones here also I felt that these were sort of lacking and that some of the instruments that we have on the higher tones were very subdued on this one definitely because of that the it didn’t sound punchy to me. in, fact in terms of treble tones and stuff I would rate it just about 6.5 out of time. so, overall I would say if we are just talking about this sound quality on this one I would rate it just about six point five out of ten. I expected a lot from this one but in terms of sound department apart from the bass it was slightly under disappointing sight for me.

but I mean the good thing is that it does have great battery life and also in terms of Bluetooth connectivity it was very good. but still overall I would say for me the sound is the highest criteria and also the build quality is pretty average hence my overall rating would be 6.5 out of 10. the cells in India or 1800 rupees and I purchased this via Amazon I’ll leave the link but I feel frankly the block point be at zero one these sell for about seventeen hundred rupees in terms of build quality.

these are actually much better than the me and also in terms of sound quality. I feel these are slightly better anyways guys that was my review for this mi super bass headphones.


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